Jan San Jose

We just go along for the ride.

When I was 4, I peed blood. It turned out something was wrong with my kidneys.  I stopped school for a year, had to be carried around the house so as not to tax my heart.  Recovered from all that, 25 years later, a tumor obstructed my vision, had it removed. Recovered from all that.  So, what did I learn?

No matter how much we try to work on an outcome, being perfectly healthy in my case; sometimes, life has other plans. We just go along for the ride. These experiences made me more grateful to be alive. Life is a miracle, why waste it?  Sometimes, I hardly sleep, because I have so many things I want to do, and experience, places to see, languages to learn. I have a long-standing love affair with languages, and have always admired polyglots…even learning Spanish to be one. I’m glad I volunteered for Pueblo Inglés, despite my apprehensions. Aside from meeting interesting friends, and soaking in different cultures, it’s a good way to travel – which is my favorite remedy for ailing spirits.


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