Oscar Salazar

Before I start teaching I would like to travel around the worlds as much as I can

Pueblo Inglés - This is Pueblo Inglés – Oscar Salazar

I was born in Venezuela and moved to Florida at a very young age where I was exposed to many different cultures and developed an appreciation for people across the world. I recently finished my studies to be a social studies teacher but before I start teaching I would like to travel around the worlds as much as I can. I always find enjoyment in meeting new people, having great conversations, and having fun with my favourite hobby – playing guitar.

Moving to Madrid to teach English I was worried about being able to meet Spanish people and integrate in the culture but through Pueblo Inglés I have met many great friends and have truly enjoyed spending time with the Spaniards. The accommodation far exceeded my expectations but the reason I will return to Pueblo Inglés is to meet more great people and share more fun experiences with students, volunteers, and all staff involved. I highly recommend this to anyone as a fun week during their travels, a good experience for multiple careers, and anyone who wants to make Spain feel more like home.




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