Dan Myles

My only wish is that this type of program was around the globe

For the last five years I have been fortunate to travel to different countries visiting and learning about their culture. During this time I have taken thousands of photographs capturing special moments in each of these beautiful places.

Pueblo Ingles has offered many similarities to my experiences with one major exception… Having a variety of cultures from various countries around the globe brought together into one beautiful place in Spain with a common goal, conversational English.

My first impression, before coming to this program, was that I was primarily going to be focusing on communicating English and would have no time for anything else.  What I was not aware of is how much I would learn about the wonderful people of Spain and their culture.  We shared a lot of our similarities and only observed a few things we do differently.  By the end of our conversation we became best friends and some have become my Spanish brothers and sisters.  I know we will stay connected and some of us will get together again.  As a Volunteer I have come out of this program more enriched and I have a deeper understanding and connection with the Spanish culture.

The volunteers in the program are from various countries around the world and this too adds a new dimension for me.   I was able to learn specific phrases from different countries.  I learned about different things to see and do in their country.   The list goes on what we have learned about each other.  Again formulating great new friendships.

It is true that the focus is on English conversation, but it is practical and this is the main reason we are here as volunteers. The staff at Pueblo Ingles are very pleasant and focused.   Their positive attitude and humor were strengths used in every daily activity.   It was such a joy participating in this unique and extremely organized program.   My only wish is that this type of program was around the globe.  My suggestion to any individual who is considering this program, I highly recommend you apply… You will not regret it.

I wish to thank the staff of Pueblo Ingles and Pueblo Inglés for this remarkable opportunity. It was indeed my pleasure and honor to have participated as a Volunteer in your amazing program. I will not say good bye, but see you again, my friends.



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