Denise Hammonds

This is a fantastic way to meet people in a common environment & from all age groups.

My name is Denise Hammonds, I am 55 years young & I run my own freelance, holiday letting agency in Tenerife, which is part of the Canary Islands. Originally, my friend recommended Pueblo Español to me, as she knows that I love to meet & get to know nice people (as well as talking haha) from all over the world & as I am also very interested in other cultures as well as people, I thought I would “give it a go”. I am so glad that I did & after going to a few of the Pueblo Inglés centres, I want to recommend to anybody & everybody that this is a fantastic way to meet people in a common environment & from all age groups. The English speaking come from a variety of occupations & from all over the world and the Spanish students come from all walks of life & are capable of communicating, but with your help, their English is substantially improved in a fun & relaxed way – how cool to be able to just chat to people whilst helping them to improve their verbal communication skills!

From the moment of arrival until the end of the course, we are looked after, fed and accommodated to a high standard. We are guided by the Programme Director & the M.C. to ensure that we have quality guidelines to follow plus a few fun activities thrown in along the way.

I would encourage anyone to apply as an English speaking volunteer so if you have a sense of adventure & like speaking to genuine, interesting, sociable people, then what have you got to lose?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Pueblo Español & hope that they will have me back again.



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