Diane P Levine

“Spain was the first country I traveled to on my own. Maybe that’s why it’s my favorite country!”

Spain was the first country I traveled to on my own.  Maybe that’s why it’s my favorite country!

I came to Pueblo Ingles in 2007 and loved it — so I came again in 2008 and several times after that.  I’ve also hiked 100 miles of the Camino to Santiago from the Portuguese side; also visited Barcelona, Bilbao, Salamanca and Toledo.

Since I retired I’ve been able to travel a lot (except during the pandemic); I have a bracelet with flags of all the countries I’ve visited.

When I’m at home in Los Angeles I’m a volunteer docent at the Skirball Museum; I hike in the local mountains and I volunteer at my temple. The climate and the landscape of Spain is so similar to California — I can understand why the first Spanish explorers felt so much at home.

I have two (grown) children and four (almost grown) grandchildren.  Three of my grandchildren are working at Disney World in Florida and one works at Universal Studios in Hollywood –so you can see we are a very fun family.



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