Duke M. Taylor

I’m somewhat of a veteran with Pueblo Inglés… I’m a better person because of it

When they say you will have a conversation about anything and everything. It’s definitely true. I’m somewhat of a veteran with Pueblo Inglés. I’ve participated in programs in Laubach, Bavaria, L’Alberca, Jaen, Somewhere-in-Toledo, Salamanca, the works—and I’m a better person because of it. The conversation I had, on the last Pueblo, was very personal, but I’m grateful for it because it reminded me that the responsibility of bringing a child into this world is a shared responsibility. Well, of course this is true. But when you can have an intelligent, adult conversation about a menstrual cycle, and what a guy like myself can do to help during that monthly scenario, you have a keen sense that you have passed the threshold of redundant questions: “Where are you from,” or “Where were you born,” or “What do you do for work.” This past Pueblo was intensely personal, highly engaging, and the conversations about failed and new relationships and shared responsibilities between men and women were a testament to the magic that happens if you’re willing to listen just as much as talk… she made me a better man. footnote: next time drink wine while you talk about menstruation.



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