Prasad Narayanaswamy

For English speakers like us, it is a great oppurtunity to explore the beautiful country of Spain

Pueblo Inglés - This is Pueblo Inglés - Prasad

An year back, when i became a full time volunteer, i had never even heard of Pueblo Inglés. I was having a successful career in Stock Market and was a care giver for my mother. I had succeeded beyond my own expectations on the professional front and had nothing to complain about. Despite all the professional success, i was having lots of issues trying to figure out my purpose in life. I was constantly finding something missing, something lacking in my own self. I wanted to do something for the Social Sector /  non profit sector in India, but did not have the courage to take the plunge and move out of my comfort zone.

Just when i was allowing things to drift as usual,God had other plans in store for me and i found myself without my job in April 2016. I was given a kick up my back side and thrown into the water with no choice but to try and make the most of the situation that i found myself in. After the initial phase of shock and disbelief, i gradually accepted that it is time for me to follow my heart and try to find work in the non profit sector in India.I stopped complaining and put all my efforts into figuring out the best way in which i could contribute to the Social Sector in India using the knowledge and skills gained over so many years of corporate life.

During the past one year, there has never been a dull moment in my life. I was able to work with some amazing people, volunteer for some wonderful causes and found my happiness in trying to help other people. Just when i thought that things could not get any better, a friend shared with me details of Diverbo. For the first time, i came across a programme which could help me travel and volunteer at the same time. In India, you do not hear much about Volunteer Travel. Its still a very new concept for us. For the person that i had become, it seemed too good to be true and, i applied for it immediately and found myself accepted as a volunteer for their programme between May 05 – May 12, 2017 in the picturesque La Alberca.

Pueblo Inglés is well designed to enable Spanish people step out of their comfort zone and talk with native english speakers for a whole week. For English speakers like us, it was a great oppurtunity to explore the beauty of Spain, meet some wonderful people, spend lots of time talking and sharing about our own lives, food, culture etc.

For me, Pueblo Inglés has helped reinforce the belief that i can live the rest of my life as a volunteer/ traveller doing what is closest to me – helping people. As i look back at my time in Spain, i am thankful to Pueblo Inglés for helping me discover a new way of exploring the world as a volunteer. For this reason, Pueblo Inglés will always be close to my heart and i cant wait to take part in further such programmes in Spain and across the world in the days to come.



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