Pat & Bob Jackson

They began working on their goal to become Century Travelers: to travel in 100 countries

Pueblo Inglés - This is Pueblo Inglés – Patricia Jackson

We’re a team!  Pat and Bob met at her high school football game.  They dated for 3 years and were engaged for 2 years while they completed school. Marriage started out with Pat in law school and Bob getting an MBA.

Bob did corporate banking for 20 years and Pat designed corporate pension plans – all in Cleveland Ohio.  But then the bank asked Bob to go to Singapore – Pat “retired” but got a job in Singapore for 20 hours A MONTH!! And Bob ran the Singapore office for the bank. Ask about their stories of managing in Singapore!

The travel bug really bit then, and they began working on their goal to become Century Travelers:  to travel in 100 countries.  They have 44 countries under their belts so far.

Their most rewarding work came after retirement to Naples FL, with Bob developing a high school business program and teaching for 11 years – and he was named Teacher of the Year in 2015! He says he never got a hug for giving a loan!  Pat is volunteering in immigration law.

From the time we found Pueblo Inglés [Pueblo Ingles was our first one], we have enjoyed all the people we’ve met and had very rich experiences.  In 2017, we’re trying the program in Germany.  And we know we will be back to Spain in 2018 – we haven’t begun to visit all the places our “students” have told us about!



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