Helen Poole

I have dabbled at writing my own songs

Pueblo Inglés - This is Pueblo Inglés – Helen Poole

I am a retired teacher in the uk I started Pueblo Inglés around 2003 and have done camps in Gredos and Candaleda. I have met many Spanish people some of whom I am still in touch with and Anglos from all over the world. My most recent friends are from Moscow and Oregon. They have both had pretty cold conditions this winter we had floods last year so it seems everyone has their turn. My family is growing. My niece got married last year and 3 of the 12 nieces and nephews have had 6 children between them and another on the way so I’ve been kept pretty busy hopefully will have time for more Pueblo Inglés in the future but it is a very worthwhile and rewarding experience for all. I love to sing and am in a lot of groups and have dabbled at writing my own songs I remember one or 2 camps in particular where we had people who wanted to sing we always seem to find someone able to compose a song about the camp At my first camp I remember a lady telling us about the intricacies of extracting maple syrup from trees and she brought us a sample all the way from Canada Hopefully I will have many more stories in the future to tell.


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