Ann Randall Poulsbo

I have travelled to Mongolia, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Kirgizstan, Azerbaijan…

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I recently retired from working full time for the school employees union and now take part in many activities such as: writing a travel blog; international election observer; work with humanitarian project in India; consultant for eco-tour business in Costa Rica. I have travelled to many places including: Mongolia, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Kirgizstan, Azerbaijan, Republic of Georgia, Belarus, and Kosovo.  While travelling I like to keep a travel journal but instead of using words I like to ‘travel sketch’. This is where I draw pictures of my surroundings when in an interesting place such as coffee shops or fountains while I’m exploring my new environment.

I loved the programme this was, in part, due to the great mix of ages and backgrounds of all the participants (Spaniards and Anglos). I liked the remote location of La Alberca as it gave us the opportunity to bond as a group as there were few distractions. I really enjoyed the variety of activities which helped to stimulate the student’s learning and reinforce the vocabulary learnt during the week. I would like to come back to the programme again.



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