Charmaine Moraes

I noticed that India and English don’t go well together. I hope to change that perception

To connect with people is my passion and it’s a joy to help them at some level in their “life’s” journey.  Different cultures excite  me and  we notice a familiar emotional thread that binds us .  At Puebles Ingles – we  met as strangers and in a short time parted as friends – a beautiful relationship created and enhanced with learning! PB has all the ingredients that fosters learning – games, drama, outings, challenging telephone calls, fellowship over meals, deep sharing over one-on-ones.  It is a programme that impacts every individual at some level and in some manner.  It is my testimony that no person leaves the programme without being energized and confident to bring about changes in one’s life and enrich humanity.

I have surely met great people and encountered a variety that has broadened my horizons.  Each person that I met fascinated me and the conversations were stimulating.  I cherish every moment of my experience and the people that gave me a ‘high’.  I wish to continue being part of this enriching programme for many years to come.

I am an Executive working for the Hospitality Industry in India.  I noticed that( in peoples perception )India and English don’t go well together.  I hope to change that perception.  We have a unique culture and enjoy a distinct lifestyle.    I hope I am able to create a thirst in people to know more about  my country and its people.


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