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I’m capable of taking my work with me wherever I wish; my wish was to take it around the world

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As a digital nomad, I’m always looking for new ways to meet people along my journey. Thanks to the internet I’m capable of taking my work with me wherever I wish; my wish was to take it around the world.

As blessed as we are to live in today’s digital age, at times it can also be a curse. We find ourselves getting lost behind screens and forgetting that we’re not truly connecting with other human beings. A text, a liked status, an email; none of these interactions can compare to a face to face communication with another person.

Based on my experience, Pueblo Inglés proved to be the absolute best way to meet new people outside of my country (USA). The program was recommended to me by a Travel Blogger friend. She raved about how wonderful her experience was and my curiosity pushed me into signing up to see for myself what she was going on about.

I figured, at worst, I’d feel good about volunteering my time to helping people expand their knowledge and ability to communicate. In the end I received much more than just the “feel good for volunteering” points. I developed real friendships with both the Spaniards and the other volunteers in our group within days. The type of friendships that caused me to feel sincerely somber about having to leave each other in the end of the program (which was ONLY a week!).

I’ve been traveling for a year now and I can honestly say that my experience with this program helped me to create stronger connections with people from around the world than any other method I’ve tried. I definitely plan to do this again and I’d recommend it to anyone. Not just to travelers; but to anyone looking to remind themselves of what it feels like to connect to people off of your screens again.



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