ReAnn Scott

In 2015 at age 68, I sold my house, my car and most of ‘my stuff’

Pueblo Inglés - This is Pueblo Inglés – ReAnn Scott

I’m a Pueblo Inglés ‘senior volunteer!’ In 2015 at age 68, I  sold my house, my car and most of ‘my stuff’ and now spend my life traveling full-time to destinations all over the world. (‘m writing this bio from Bali.)

I first volunteered for Pueblo Inglés in 2002 (when it was still connected to Vaughn) and returned again in 2016 and ‘taught’  in both Spain and Germany.  During my time with Pueblo Inglés, I have met some wonderful people and made friendships that will be forever-lasting!  I am hoping to volunteer and be accepted again next summer.



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