ReAnn Scott

In 2015 at age 68, I sold my house, my car and most of ‘my stuff’

Diverbo - This is Pueblo Inglés – ReAnn Scott

I’m a Diverbo ‘senior volunteer!’ In 2015 at age 68, I  sold my house, my car and most of ‘my stuff’ and now spend my life traveling full-time to destinations all over the world. (‘m writing this bio from Bali.)

I first volunteered for Diverbo in 2002 (when it was still connected to Vaughn) and returned again in 2016 and ‘taught’  in both Spain and Germany.  During my time with Diverbo, I have met some wonderful people and made friendships that will be forever-lasting!  I am hoping to volunteer and be accepted again next summer.




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