Ellen Moriarty

I’ve made friends  that I will hopefully have my whole life

My name is Ellen and I’m 16. I first heard about Pueblo Inglés from a youtuber I watch in August 2017. After hearing about all the fun activities she did, lifelong friends she made and what the accommodation was like I decided I wanted to attend a camp the following year. So I went on the website, looked for a camp that suited my plans for that summer and was over the moon when I found one that suited. I ended up going to the Castellar camp, it was brilliant the majority of the staff (Counselors) were lovely, happy to help if you needed it and kind, the warm up every morning was enjoyable (as far as exercise can be) the team activities were really fun and entertaining, the one to ones were great through the course of the week I only ended up being put with one person more than once, the nighttime activities for us were mainly presentations and talent shows which were educational and entertaining . We went on a quick tour of madrid on the day of arrival which in my opinion was was quite poor as we only saw 3-4 landmarks and we didn’t learn much about them. The food by usual spanish standards wasn’t the best but on a whole the camp was very enjoyable, I’ve made friends  that I will hopefully have my whole life and gained over 100 hours of volunteering  which will look great on my C.V


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