Meg Westley

I learned French through brutal immersion in a local school where everyone pronounced me an idiot

Pueblo Inglés - This is Pueblo Inglés – Meg Wetley

A native of Canada, I’ve travelled my whole life. At age 8 I lived in Paris for a year and learned French through brutal immersion in a local school where everyone, including the teacher, pronounced me an idiot because I could not speak the language. I learned quickly. For my final two years of high school I attended Atlantic College, an international boarding school in South Wales. I didn’t do terrifically well at my studies, but I had a fantastic time getting to know teenagers from all over the world, while living in a 13th century castle on the coast.

I suppose my early schooling experiences helped me later in life, when I was a university professor, teaching Drama and Communications – and the director of a culinary school (no, I’m not a chef, but I do love good food!)

Now retired and single (my husband died abruptly in 2015) – I am continuing to travel, meet people, learn new things and write  (a fantasy novel, a column on education, short stories and plays – and a travel blog).

My first Pueblo Inglés program was an amazing experience. I got to know so many Spanish people, despite not speaking any Spanish myself. I look forward to returning to Spain on my next trip, meeting up with the friends I made, and participating in another Pueblo Ingles.



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