Christine R. Schnitzer

Life is too short to procrastinate

I was fortunate to discover the Pueblo Inglés volunteer experience early into my retirement!  Goals for my retirement include filling my days with new experiences, being mentally stimulated, socially interact with interesting people, enjoying the outdoors and lifelong learning.  My 8 days at Pueblo Inglés in Spain included all of those components of what I consider a rich lifestyle.

 Meeting and purposefully engaging with people from 6 other countries was a thrill for me.  I loved having the opportunity to share my personal experiences and love for the English language with each of them.  In addition, many of the activities included the option of walking outside and enjoying the lovely environment while we conversed and prepared assigned activities.

 If you are considering volunteering with Pueblo Inglés and are a vegetarian, as I am,  I can attest that your palette will be please meal after meal with special attention from the chef and staff.

 While attending this 8 day event, I also appreciated the highly qualified and professional staff (Program Director and Master of Ceremonies).

They are marvelous instructors who kept us on-task and made each day enjoyable and rewarding.

 In closing, if you are considering volunteering with Pueblo Inglés remember this saying:

“Today you are the oldest that you have ever been and the youngest that you will ever be.”

Apply today, life is too short to procrastinate.



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