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Living on an island in the pacific means everywhere is far away

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Aloha !

After a wonderful career as a hospital pharmacist and getting my sons through college  I finally have time to indulge in more traveling! I’ve always loved Europe and continue to see more of it but have now also found time to see New Zealand, Tanazania, Japan and some of Southeast Asia. My fabulous week at La Alberta was so special. Our group has stayed in touch online over the years and some of us have been lucky and seen each other in various spots on the planet.

Besides travel I love ocean swimming, animals, cooking and having new adventures. I’ve had years of volunteering helping protect our green sea turtles and educating tourists about them.

Living on an island in the pacific means everywhere is far away but I still hope more of my Pueblo Inglés friends will end up visiting Hawaii.

I love meeting new people, learning about other cultures and talking….so a week with Pueblo Inglés was just perfect. I intend to apply to volunteer again someday soon.




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