Mike Preziosi

The first thing that comes to mind is that it is a week of smiles and laughs while I make new friends

When I’m asked to describe my experience at Pueblo Ingles, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is a week of smiles and laughs while I make new friends, both Anglos and Spaniards.

I’ve happily “survived” 3 wonderful weeks in La Alberca, most recently this past March. The Pueblo Inglés staff and the resort staff are excellent and right from the start everyone is put at ease and encouraged to make the most of the experience.  Although the weekly game plan is basically the same, each time is different because of the different personalities involved.

My first trip to Spain was as a student in 1978. I fell  for Spain immediately.  I was lucky to be able to learn how to speak Spanish as a second language during my stay and now I’m so happy to be able to return the favor by helping my Spanish friends improve their English.  And improve they do.  I’ve yet to see one Spaniard not be more comfortable , confident and competent with their English after 100 hours of total immersion.  Bravo one and all!


Now every time I return to Spain (which is often) I meet up with some of my Madrid friends and sometimes an Anglo.  I’ve also be extremely fortunate to have been welcomed in the home of a Spanish friend and her family in Barcelona. In addition, my friends from Bilbao gave up their Saturday to take me on a 10 hour tour. What a blessing for me to have gotten involved with Pueblo Ingles!!!

So, even though I love to travel to many different places, Spain is number one in my heart.

I can’t wait till my next week which, by the way, will be this November! And, now that my wife’s retiring,  she’ll be joining in on all the fun.

Thank you Pueblo Ingles.



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