Mohammed Asim

“There are only two kinds of people, well, mostly, Receivers and Givers”

Telling my story. In a nutshell.

There are only two kinds of people, well, mostly, Receivers and Givers. As the names imply, Receivers love to receive things, anything; and Givers love to give, whatever it may be. So, naturally, I’m a giver. I’ve been volunteering since I was in High School, that’s pretty much all my life. In New York, during my college years, I volunteered as a subject to be studied for different things. One I enjoyed the most was a study that someone needed for her PhD dissertation. It was about ‘How people interact with handicapped strangers’ (in evaluators, hallways etc).

I’ve been volunteering to tutor Math to students of all ages, from 5th graders up to college level.

Plus, I have a thinking mode, I call it ‘let’s see’.

It’s sort of curiosity but with a planned action. I create situations where people are forced to take an action, they need to decide and usually do something. What they do is not important, whether they take an action A or B is irrelevant; my interest is How?

Through the volunteer work and in giving to others in many different ways, I’ve learned so much about myself. Of course there’s a joy of giving and making someone happy, that in turn makes you happy. But, for me it goes beyond the simple joy. There’s actual real learning process and discovering things that you didn’t know before.

There’s so much to say here, I wish I had more time to ‘Give’ here.

At times we are all limited by something.

Great to be here; I’m ready to learn more about myself.



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