Susan Motley

No matter where we live, we share the same hopes and life experiences

Pueblo Inglés - This is Pueblo Inglés – Susan Motley

I have just completed my second volunteer experience at Pueblo Ingles, and I know already that I want to return.

Pueblo Ingles is founded on the concepts that we learn language best when we are immersed in it, and that we learn anything better when we are connected to people and when we are having fun; and it’s true!

It’s so rewarding that in eight fast-paced days, students’ speaking and listening skills improve noticeably along with their confidence levels. All this happens while Anglos and Spaniards are talking about work and family and politics and food and the environment and anything else that comes up in conversation.  All this happens as we laugh and even play a little and form lasting friendships

Ultimately it’s not just about language. It’s about being reminded that no matter where we live, we share the same hopes and life experiences.



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