Jock Mackenzie

One of the things I neglected to do in my 31 years as a teacher was to become “financially” wealthy

Pueblo Inglés - This is Pueblo Inglés – Jock Mackenzie

There once was a fellow named Jock

He loved to travel . . . and talk

At Pueblo Ingles

He spent nights and days

Inspired and challenged and enthused as he chatted with folks in the flock.

One of the things I neglected to do in my 31 years as a teacher/principal in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada was to become “financially” wealthy. Programs like Pueblo Ingles help. My bride, Janet, and I LOVED our week at L’Alberca because we met amazing people (several of whom we’re still in contact with) while staying in Four Star accommodations and eating like royalty. After our time in Spain, we rented a gite in France’s Loire Valley thus extending our European vacation.

Because of Pueblo Ingles, we learned of its German cousin Englischhausen. Just this past winter, we spent another fabulous week meeting Anglos from a variety of countries and awesome Germans. On this trip, we added our extra time at the beginning of the vacation and toured Switzerland and Liechtenstein prior to the program.

Yet another affordable travel option has been acting as caretakers and host/hostess at a backcountry lodge near Golden, British Columbia. See accompanying picture.


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