Thank you anglos!

Hello Volunteer! If you have survived the 8-day talkathon, you’ve proved that you can talk non-stop in Pueblo Ingles! Now confess!! How did you do it? You’re amazing and we want the world to know what makes you such a special human being!

Share your story here, our exclusive website for you to sign the books of Pueblo Inglés and show the world what makes this such a unique adventure. You!

Follow the instructions and share your story!

Story details & specifications

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    1 . Please fill in all required fields on the form.

    2. We like stories that are easy to read, which means that they should not be too long. Between 400 words minimum to 1000 words maximum would be perfect. That is a little bit more than half of a standard sheet of paper.

    3. The story will not be immediately published. Our team needs to read all the ones we receive. But if you check the site 2 or 3 days later you will see your story published.

    4. Make sure your photography is at least 1000 pixels wide minimum. We like pictures of you with backgrounds that relate to the story you are telling us. However, if this is not possible, then we would love pictures of you surrounded by nature, for example.

    5. The maximum photo upload size is 3Mb.

    The perfect photo:

    It’s always better if the subject is not in the center of the frame.

    If you imagine the diagram below as the frame of your camera, the subject should be aligned with either vertical pair of green dots.

    Horizontal portrait

    Vertical portrait

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