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Tommy Thompson - Pueblo Inglés

“Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them.” These are not my words, but it sums up my Pueblo Inglés Adventure. I love traveling, but more than just seeing fantastic scenery, historic buildings and wildlife, I love to meet people from different cultures, ages, and countries. The Pueblo Inglés English immersion is just that.

Pueblo Inglés is about meeting new people, building new relationships, not only the Spanish students, but also the Anglo volunteers. It’s the people that make it a very human experience, the MC Jonathan and Program Director, Carlos, together with the staff all helps to make the week such a memorable week. I participated a week in Alberco, a great small historical town in the mountains, some x km west of Madrid. The program is not all about just sitting down and having one on one discussion between Anglo and Spanish participants. The program included a morning walk to the town, only a few kilometers from the venue, a gamon and wine tasting, enough time to walk around in the woods.

So, hours of discussions, lots of laughs, in a great setting. Careful, the food and wine is fantastic, the portions generous, you might come back with extra weight! It you have the time, sign up to Pueblo Inglés, Pueblo Ingles, get over to Spain; “and start creating”



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