Bruce Layden

We sold our house and we bought a campervan

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My wife and I quit our jobs last year. Also we sold our house, back in Florida, and we brought a campervan. We drove all around the States, and now we are travelling in Europe, looking for a place to move to. My ex boss called me before we came here, and he offered me a job in Europe, coordinating the sales in some countries, including Holland, France and the UK… We are in love with Spain, so we are planning to stay here for a while. At the moment we are looking for a city to settle down in. I think that if I accept this job, Spain would be a perfect central location as I may have to travel throughout Europe for work.

Apart from that, if you ask me what the biggest adventure of my life is so far, undoubtedly, it’s being a grandfather. I instantly felt in love with this tiny little human being. I’m a father, and I have already experienced the feeling of unconditional love for your kids, but this is something completely different, something beyond that.



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