Marcia McGreevy Lewis

We work and play hard together

Pueblo Inglés - This is Pueblo Inglés – Marcia Lewis

The opportunity to interact meaningfully with people of different cultures is the Pueblo Inglés experience for which I am grateful. We work and play hard together, resulting in enduring relationships among the volunteers and students.

Embracing travel is a universal among the vivacious volunteers, and I am no exception. Travel doesn’t necessarily bring the meaningful relationships, though, that Pueblo Inglés does.

Seattle is my home and the point of departure for many adventures. I’ve just returned from a month in the Amazon, and it stimulated me intellectually, but the interpersonal aspect was missing. That’s where Pueblo Inglés excels.

I am the president of a foundation which absorbs most of my time, and my interests are writing and reading. The Pueblo Inglés interactions jolt me into the personal relationships I crave, but often don’t prioritize.

Visiting a country can be a meaningful experience; interacting with the culture ensures that it is, indeed, just that. Thank you for the opportunity to truly enjoy that experience.


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